Here is How You Can Match Your Engagement Rings Effortlessly


Engagement rings can add sparkle to your life by increasing the affectionate bond that you share with your partner. You can have the bands customized for each other or can opt to buy a couple’s rings which can be exclusive to you specifically. The bands match, and you can have your love mantra engraved on them. To make this more special, you can even try out unique centre stones, their cuts, styles, and designs, as well as the bands’ metals. Most couples only want diamonds as their engagement rings, so here are some tips and tricks to show you the brighter side of the picture.

Choosing the metal

While you are searching for the perfect ring, you need to finalize the metal that you want to wear. Here are some popular options to pick from.


This is considered to be the mecca of luxury, and this metal has been preferred by couples for many decades. There are options like white, yellow or rose gold to pick from. However, you must ensure that the gold you are getting is durable enough and it does not bend or scratch that easily.


This is a very expensive end metal and is also rare. The rings made of platinum can last a lifetime and can securely hold stones. They can also endure scratches, and are perfect for daily wear.


This is an affordable option but it is a very soft metal. To enhance its strength, it must be mixed with copper.

Types of engagement rings

There is a wide plethora of options to choose from when looking for engagement rings.

Classic bands

These are simple and elegant options that are always in fashion. They are very basic, and you can pick almost any material for them.

Eternity rings

They have been a favourite of most couples, and you can have them in either diamonds or other precious gemstones as well. There are also a variety of ways to set the stones in these rings.

Curved rings

These rings can be made with heavy diamonds or gemstones in a single half of the rings. They come in either slender or V-shape.

Pave bands

These rings have diamonds or other stones on them. However, scalloped ones are the best ones to own. They offer minimalistic metal views with complete attention on the stones. offers the widest range of engagement rings to choose for your special day.