How Big Should the Diamond in the Engagement Ring Be?


Whenever we find couples shopping for their engagement look, we ask them all the common question. How big should the diamond in the engagement ring be? To be very honest, there is no simple answer to it. Diamonds are extremely symbolic and very personal pieces of jewelry. And, in the case of engagement rings, they ought to be more special. You express your feelings through these rings and there cannot be anything right or wrong attached to it. These rings are always unique and we can help you with some tips for selecting the best rings for the day.

Understanding carat

This is the most basic thing that everybody should know before buying the rings. Carat is the unit of weight measurement of the diamond. It is equivalent to 1/5th of a gram. The carat of the diamond is sometimes very much synonymous with its size. However, it can also be impacted by the way the stone is cut.

Know the budget

It is not always wise to sway in the idea of “the bigger the better”. When you have to select the size of the central diamond on the engagement ring, you should only be guided by your budget. You need to be honest with yourself and set a maximum limit to which you are willing to go. Never feel pressured to pick bigger diamonds. Set a benchmark for your jeweler and let them help you explore the options. The price normally depends on the cut, color, clarity and carat of the diamond. So, make the decision wisely.

The shape and size of her hands

Diamond has a different meaning for everybody. Since no two hands are the same, choices will differ. So, when you are picking the diamonds for her, have a complete understanding about how the diamond is going to look on her hand. To have the best engagement ring with you, you should book a consultation with the jeweler before finally buying the piece.

Think practically

If your better half is having an active lifestyle or is into sports majorly, you need to select the ring very wisely. The stone won’t break or damage in any case, but the ring can get entirely jeopardised as a result of their activities.

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