How to take care of a dog?


Dogs are loyal and fun animals to keep close to you. As your best companion you will need to take good care of them, because you are the one that is responsible. How you should take care of them depends on their breed, because every dog is different. Depending on the dog you should consider how long their walk needs to be and what kind of food they need. Read more about these subjects in this blog so you know for sure you will have right choice.

Different breeds

There are lots of different breeds of dogs. Which breed you will get depends on your personal preferences and how much care they need. It also depends on how much space you have. For example, a Husky needs more attention and space than a smaller dog like a Chihuahua. Some breeds also need more or longer walks than others, this is something very important to consider before choosing a dog. Think about how much time you want to invest in this dog and compare the breeds according to their general personalities. Some dog breeds are known for being goofy, cuddly or stubborn.


When you’re walking a dog you should know a few things. Depending on the age and size of the dog you might need some rules when you’re walking. You wouldn’t want your dog to walk you, instead of you walking your dog. That is why you need to get good leash training, so your dog knows how to walk with it. Besides that, they need good dog collars, so it is comfortable for them to wear. For leashes you can choose out of different lengths. Make sure your dog has enough time to run around if it wants, otherwise it will get bored and will try to annoy you.


Dogs mostly eat dry food, like chunks. Some people choose to get chunks that are specially made for their dog’s breed because it will be more specific for their needs. It is true that some dog breeds have the same problems, for example bad joints or bones. The food is developed specifically to make sure they get the right vitamins that will help with their health. How many grams of food they need depends on their weight and dog breed, make sure to check this with your VET.



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